We currently have two projects that excite us, one more in Cusco and another in Arequipa. We are planning to restore an old house in Cusco, in Plaza Nazarenas, while in Arequipa we have already obtained the license to restore a colonial jewel, a house from 1736. We are lovers and respectful of Peruvian heritage and history. Our main objective is always to rescue old houses, often forgotten, and return them to their original splendor, all this with 100% Peruvian capital and supported by the expert hands of great craftsmen and professionals.

We have a wise hand in the Peruvian artisan. We need to value in Peru, how thousands of years of wisdom, in pottery, in constructions throughout the history of Peru, and is still reflected today when a house needs to be restored, like that when an adobe wall has to be restored, or you have to clean a stone wall in Cusco.

We only buy demolition wood, which also adds value to everything we have to build or restore. And of course we never use Shihuahuaco wood, a tree that needs at least 300 years to become timber.


About Ananay Hotels