Traveling begins and ends with the personal will to do so, so it is essential that responsibility begins with the traveler himself. The Manifesto is a document that any traveler can use as a personal examination, both before embarking on a new trip and after it to detect where he can improve.


A constant cycle of monitoring, control and adjustment to achieve a continuous improvement of our procedures, in the search for an optimal, more efficient and sustainable control of our facilities and the resources used in them. Responsible consumption of natural resources is essential not only because of the cost savings it entails, but also because of the intrinsic consequences of its own limitation.


Ananay Hotels has been working for some years on the segregation at source and the recovery of waste with the Sinba Cycle.

We manage our waste responsibly and for this we have both contracts with authorized companies (Sinba) and municipal collection for optimal management of the process, ensuring the suitability of the manager by centralizing the contracts.

For our organization, the correct segregation of waste is a priority in order to achieve optimal recycling.

For this reason, we work to raise awareness among all our employees through the development of good practices and the use of posters in the waste rooms. The involvement of the human factor is key. A correct aptitude and attitude on the part of the workers directly affects the success of waste management.

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